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  • When's the Last Time You've Taken a Household Inventory?

    If you stopped what you are doing right now to think about all of the items you own at home, would you be able to list off every...
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    • Mar 22, 2015 06:00 am
  • Who's Responsible for My Chipped Windshield or Lack of Snow/Ice Removal?

    Have you ever been driving down the road, following another vehicle, and that car or truck kicks up a stone that hits your...
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    • Mar 15, 2015 06:00 am
  • Can My 19 Year Old Child Drive the Rental Car?

    You and your family are going on vacation and you plan on renting a car. Your 19 year old son will be going with you who, per the...
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    • Mar 8, 2015 06:00 am
  • What should I be concerned about with my child going to college?

    Already summer is coming to a close and some of our sons/daughters are heading off to college.
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    • Mar 1, 2015 06:00 am